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The technical support you need for your business in Turkey

Who is TPEC ?

We are a Technical Purchasing and Engineering Consultancy company, targeting to be the contact point for your business in Turkey for purchasing, afterpuchasing and sales of engineered parts and processes, so that you can outsource your technical functions and/or departmental needs. We give support for the engineering issues between you and your Turkish customers or suppliers.

We have 10 years of industry experience in mechanical and electrical-electronical fiels.

Why Turkey ?

Turkey is a rapidly growing country with a strong and experienced industry culture and a young, well educated workforce. The machine and automotive industry of Turkey, together with the suppliers, takes the biggest portion of the total export, which is also growing every year.

This acceleration showed itself also in the rapid economical recovery after the global financial crysis in 2008, and record economical growth numbers.

What we do ?

We are supporting your purchasing and sales with a technical point of view;

we find the right supplier at the right price and in the quality level tailored for your needs;

we visit your or your customer's production lines to understand the process requirements;

we advice the possible optimisation opportunities;

we follow your project targets and manage the processes;

we inform and report about the potential problems and threads;

we make or supervise the inspections and tests that you need for your projects;

we organize any technical action that you need in Turkey;

we have presence also in Germany

and we can communicate in English, German and Turkish.